Bosch Washing Machine Lock [Issues & Solutions]

If you are experiencing issues with your Bosch washing machine lock, this easy-to-follow guide provides steps on how to deal with the problem…

Bosch Washing Machine Locked — How To Unlock

Is your Bosch washing machine locked? If so, here are the steps you should take to unlock it…

Step 1. Run some string or fishing line around the door frame.

Step 2. Firmly pull both ends of the string together away from the door lock (this will manually force the door open.

Bosch Washing Machine Not Locking — Solved

Is your Bosch washing machine lock not working? If so, you’ll need to replace the lock assembly. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to do this…

Step 1. In order to prevent electrical damage, ensure that your washing machine is unplugged from the electrical outlet before starting this repair.

Step 2. Open your machine’s door. Using either a pair of needle-nosed pliers or a flat-blade screwdriver, pry the retaining band off the door boot seal.

Step 3. Peel the door gasket away from the lock assembly. Use a Torx screwdriver to loosen the screws holding the door lock to the cabinet.

Step 4. Reach inside the machine and pull the door lock out of place. Disconnect the wire harness attached to the door lock.

Step 5. Discard the old door lock and remove the new lock assembly from its packaging. Plug the wire connector to the new door lock.

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Step 6. Install the new door lock in the cabinet, then apply the screws with your Torx screwdriver to secure it.

Step 7. Fit the door gasket around the front panel. Using your flat-blade screwdriver, fit the metal retaining band around the door boot seal.

Step 8. Close your washer’s door, then plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet.

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Bosch Washing Machine Locked Key Sign — How To Fix

If your Bosch washing machine is locked and there is a key sign on the display, it indicates that the Child Lock feature is activated. To deactivate Child Lock in your Bosch washing machine, simply press and hold the Start button until the key light goes out.