How To Balance A Frigidaire Washing Machine [Quick Guide]

This guide will give you easy-to-follow steps on how to balance a Frigidaire washing machine…

How To Balance A Frigidaire Washing Machine

Do the following to balance your Frigidaire washing machine…

Step 1. Ensure that your washing machine sits on a firm, even surface. If your washing machine is tilted, it will cause complications during wash cycles.

Step 2. Use a level tool to see if the washing machine is balanced. Adjust your washing machine’s legs if they aren’t properly balanced.

How To Balance Frigidaire Washing Machine Load

To balance the load in your Frigidaire washing machine, ensure that your drum isn’t filled more than 3/4. also make sure that the load is distributed evenly in the drum. This will ensure that the drum spins without any issues.

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