How To Install Electrolux Washing Machine [Detailed Guide]

This quick and easy guide gives you steps on how to install Electrolux washing machines…

How To Install Electrolux Washing Machine — Solved

Follow the steps below to install your Electrolux washing machine…

Step 1. Use a knife or box cutter to cut the washer’s carton at the base. Lift the carton off the machine and set it aside.

Step 2. Peel off the tape from the machine. Open the drum and take out the manual and other provided tools.

Step 3. Tip the washing machine backwards carefully, then set it on the floor (get someone to help you if needed). Take out the styrofoam from underneath the machine and set it aside.

Step 4. Lift your washing machine back onto its feet. Using a 3/8 inch socket wrench, loosen the 7 transit bolts at the back of the machine.

Step 5. In the manual bag, you’ll find 7 plastic caps. Push the caps into the transit holes at the back of the machine, then transfer the transit bolts back to the bag.

Step 6. Ensure that your washing machine sits on a firm, even surface. Try rocking the appliance to see if it moves back and forth.

Step 7. If you notice that the legs of the machine are unbalanced, tip the appliance backwards and adjust the legs as needed using a spanner. Use a spirit level tool to ensure that the machine is properly balanced.

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Step 8. Go to the back of your washing machine and Insert the drain hose into your home drain.

Step 9. Connect the two provided water inlet hoses to the appropriate water supply taps. Connect the other ends of the hoses to the Hot and COLD water inlet ports at the back of your washing machine.

Step 10. Turn the water supply tap on and inspect the hoses for any leaks. Plug your washing machine’s power cord into the outlet, then try running a wash cycle to ensure that the appliance works properly.

What Are Transit Bolts In A Washing Machine?

The transit bolts are mounted at the back of the machine. These bolts help secure the drum and ensure that it doesn’t move about when in transit. This prevents damage to the drum and its components.

Where Is The Best Place To Install Washing Machine?

Most people install their washing machines in a separate room. However, you can also install your appliance under a sink, or beside a cabinet. The location just needs to have a water supply, and an drainage pipe.

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