Samsung Washing Machine Keeps Filling And Draining [6 Causes & Quick Solutions]

If your Samsung washing machine keeps filling and draining, this guide is for you. we’ll be listing everything that could cause this problem in order to help you find the best solution.

Why Does My Samsung Washing Machine Keep Draining?

Here are the reasons why your Samsung washing machine keeps draining:

1. Drain Hose Is Inserted Too Far Down Your Home Drain

Inserting your drain hose too far down your home drain can cause drainage problems. In order to avoid this issue ensure that the hose hasn’t been inserted more than 6 inches into your home drain.

Also ensure that the drain hose is suspended at a minimum height of 18 inches. However, it must not exceed 96 inches.

2. Drain Hose Doesn’t Extend Far Enough Down The Home Drain

Your washer may experience drainage problems if the drain hose isn’t inserted far enough down the home drain. Ensure that the hose hasn’t been inserted more or less than 6 inches.

3. Home Drain Is Sealed

When installing your machine’s drain hose, ensure that you don’t completely seal your home drain with anything. This will help ensure proper drainage.

Samsung Washing Machine Keeps Filling — Causes

Here are the things that may cause this problem:

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1. Water Inlet Valve

This valve controls the water coming into the washing machine. If the valve is defective or broken, it won’t close properly.

This means water will still be running. You can test this by unplugging your machine while it’s in a fill cycle. If water is still running, the inlet valve is faulty and should be replaced.

2. Water Pressure

Every washing machine requires a certain amount of pressure in order to function effectively. This required pressure varies between washing machines.

If the machine doesn’t get the right amount of pressure, the water inlet valve won’t close completely. As a result, the machine overfilled with water.

Consult your machine’s user manual in order to learn its needed pressure. It is advised that you hire a plumber to help you test the water pressure.

3. Defective Control Board

The control board does exactly what the name implies. It controls the machine’s functions and initiates wash cycles.

If your Samsung washing machine keeps filling and draining, this may be a sign that the control board is defective. Repairing such faults should only be done by professional technicians.


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