Samsung Washing Machine Not Starting [How To Fix]

Is your Samsung washing machine not starting ? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll be giving you steps to take of your Samsung washing machine is not starting. With that being said, let’s begin…

Why Is My Samsung Washing Machine Not Starting?

Here are the things that could prevent your Samsung washing machine from starting…

Power Inlet Issue

If your Samsung washing machine is not starting, the first thing you should check is the power supply. Try plugging another appliance to your washing machine’s power outlet. If the appliance doesn’t work, something is wrong with it.

You should check the circuit breaker that outlet to see if it tripped. Turn it back on if this is the case. On the other hand, if nothing is wrong with the power supply, there may be an issue with the machine’s power cable. The cable will need to be inspected for damage. It is advised that you hire an electrician to conduct these electrical inspections.

Defective Door Lock Switch

The door lock switch locks the washer’s door before starting a wash cycle. If this this switch is damaged or defective, the washer won’t start as it normally should. Here’s how to replace a door lock switch on a Samsung washing machine…

Step 1. Turn off your washer’s water and power supply to avoid electrocution and water spills.

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Step 2. Open your washer’s door.

Step 3. Using a Philips screwdriver, take out the screws which hold the door switch assembly.

Step 4. Inspect the outer edge of the gray door seal; you should find a metal band fitted around it.

Step 5. Carefully wedge a flat-head screwdriver under the band (be careful not to damage the door seal).

Step 6. Run the screwdriver around the edge of the door seal while it is pried underneath the metal clamp. This will allow you to take the band off the door seal.

Step 7. Set the metal band aside in a safe place.

Step 8. Carefully peel back the door seal from the part covering the door lock. You don’t need to remove the seal completely.

Step 9. Slowly pull the door lock assembly out of place. You can’t take it out completely just yet.

Step 10. The door lock assembly is connected to a sort of plastic cover. You will see some tabs on the cover. Press these tabs and pull the door lock assembly from the plastic cover. Make sure to keep the cover in a safe place.

Step 11. Disconnect the wire harnesses connected to the old switch. Make sure to take note of the location of each harness.

Step 12. Take your new door lock switch out of it’s pack.

Step 13. Connect each wire harness to its appropriate point on the new door lock assembly.

Step 14. Take the plastic cover you disconnected from the old switch.

Step 15. Line it up with your new door lock switch and snap it in place.

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Step 16. Peel the door seal back a bit again.

Step 17. Pop the new door switch assembly into the same place you took out the old one from. Ensure that everything is properly lined up.

Step 18. Reapply the screws that hold the door switch assembly to the washer.

Step 19. Push the edge of the door seal back in place. Ensure that it is properly fitted into the groove around the edge of the washer’s opening.

Step 20. Run the metal band around the edge of the door seal and fit it back in place using a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 21. Close the washing machine’s door.

Step 22. Turn on your washer’s water and power supply.

Defective User Control Board

Sometimes your Samsung washing machine won’t start because there is an issue with the user control board. The board will need to be replaced in order for the machine to resume normal operation.

Unfortunately, the replacement procedure will vary depending on the model and type of your washing machine. It is advised that you consult a professional repair service to replace this part.

However, if you are confident in your repair skills, refer to the video below to learn how to replace a Samsung washing machine user control board…

Samsung Washing Machine Not Starting After Power Outage

If your Samsung washing machine is not starting after a power outage, it is mostly likely a result of the circuit breaker being off. All you need to do is flip the circuit breaker switch on. Your washing machine should start after this.

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