Electrolux Washing Machine Stopping [Issues & Solutions]

Is your Electrolux washing machine stopping at various points? If so, you’ve come to the right place; this quick guide explains the causes of these issues and gives you steps on how to resolve them…

Electrolux Washing Machine Stopping Mid-Cycle — Solution

Is your Electrolux washing machine stopping mid-cycle? Here are the issues to look for…

1. Machine Hasn’t Drained

Your Electrolux washing machine can’t progress to another wash cycle unless all the water has been drained out. If your washing machine isn’t draining water, click here for steps on how to fix this issue.

2. Washing Machine Isn’t Filling

Another common thing that could cause your washing machine to stop mid-cycle is lack of water. Go to the back of the machine and check to ensure that the water faucets are fully opened. Also ensure that the fill hoses aren’t bent or kinked.

If your Electrolux washing machine still isn’t filling, the fault is most likely from the water inlet valve. For steps on how to replace this part, read this article.

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Electrolux Washing Machine Stopped Spinning — Causes

If your Electrolux washing stopped spinning, here are the faults you should look for…

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1. Drive Belt Has Snapped

The drive belt is looped around the drive pulley and motor pulley at the back of the tub. Over time, this belt can get damaged or worn. If this belt fails, the drum will not be able to spin. For detailed steps on how to replace this part, click here.

2. Damaged Drive Pulley

The drive pulley is mounted on the inner tub’s shaft at the back of the tub. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to replace a damaged drive pulley…

Step 1. Ensure that the appliance is disconnected from the outlet in order to avoid any chances of electrocution.

Step 2. With a Philips screwdriver, loosen the bolts holding the rear access panel to the cabinet. Take the panel off the machine and set it aside.

Step 3. Carefully take the drive belt off the pulley wheel and motor shaft. Use a 6mm hex head socket wrench to take out the bolt securing the pulley (use a screwdriver to help jam the pulley wheel).

Step 4. Slide the pulley off the shaft and discard it. Take your new washing machine pulley wheel out of its packaging.

Step 5. Place the new pulley wheel on the inner tub shaft, then apply the nuts using your 6mm hex head socket wrench.

Step 6. Loop the drive belt back around the two pulley wheels (ensure that the grooved side of the belt is turned inwards).

Step 7. Snap the rear access cover onto the cabinet, then tighten the bolts using a Philips screwdriver.

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Step 8. Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet, then try running a spin cycle to ensure that everything works properly.

3. Failed Motor Control Board

The motor control board is what enables the drive motor to run. If this board fails or gets burnt, the washer’s motor will be useless. Read this article for detailed steps on how to replace a failed motor control board in your Electrolux washing machine.

4. Burnt Motor Assembly

If all the steps above still didn’t fix the issue, the final thing to do is check the motor assembly at the bottom of the tub. If you notice a burning smell or damage to the motor, you’ll need to replace it. For steps on how to replace this part, read this article.

Electrolux Washing Machine Stopping At Rinse — Solution

If your Electrolux washing machine stops at the rinse cycle, it indicates that the machine hasn’t filled yet. Go to the back of the machine and check to ensure that the water faucets are fully opened.