LG Washing Machine Won’t Agitate [How To Fix]

If your LG washing machine won’t agitate, we’ve got you covered. This easy-to-follow guide gives you detailed steps on how to fix issue. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin…

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LG Washing Machine Won’t Agitate — Solution

If your LG washing machine won’t agitate, you’ll need to replace the agitator coupling. Here’s how to do this…

Step 1. Turn off your washing machine’s water and power supply in order to avoid water leakage or electrocution.

Step 2. Go to the back of your washing machine and disconnect your water supply hose/hoses (some water may leak out).

Step 3. Put some tape over the lid of your washing machine.

Step 4. Tilt your washing machine back and lay it on the rear panel.

Step 5. Using an adjustable wrench and a hammer, take out the bolt holding the rotor assembly to the base of the washing machine.

Step 6. Pull the rotor assembly off your washing machine.

Step 7. Use a 10mm socket wrench to take out the six screws holding the drive motor stator to the base of your washing machine.

Step 8. Set the drive motor stator on the ground.

Step 9. Take out the three bolts holding the shift actuator with a 5/16 socket.

Step 10. Pull the shift actuator off the washing machine.

Step 11. Pull the old coupling out of the shift actuator assembly.

Step 12. Get your new agitator coupling out of its pack.

Step 13. Apply some grease around the coupling.

Step 14. Insert the new coupling into the shift actuator.

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Step 15. Align the large end of the spring on the washer’s base to the groove in the coupling.

Step 16. Put the shift actuator assembly back in place and secure it by applying the 5/16 bolts.

Step 17. Put the drive motor stator back in place at the base of the washing machine and secure it by applying the six 10mm bolts.

Step 18. Put the rotor assembly back in place over the drive motor stator and reapply the bolt at the center with an adjustable wrench.

Step 19. Lift your washing machine upright.

Step 20. Connect your water inlet hose/hoses back to your washing machine.

Step 21. Turn on your washing machine’s water and power supply.

Step 22. Run a wash cycle to ensure that everything is working properly.

Note: Please keep in mind that this fix is for top loaders only.

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