Samsung Washing Machine Keeps Adding Time [Proven Solutions]

If your Samsung washing machine keeps adding time, this guide is for you. we’ll be explaining the cause of this issue and how to fix it. with that being said, let’s begin…

Why Does My Samsung Washing Machine Keep Adding Time?

If your Samsung washing machine keeps adding time, it is most likely the result of an unbalanced load. If you pile too many items of clothing to one side of the drum, it won’t be able to spin properly.

The washing machine will then add more water to the drum in order to balance the clothes out. The machine will then drain out the additional water, and try washing again.

As you can see, this greatly increases the amount of time it takes to complete a cycle. To avoid this issue, always ensure to distribute your clothes evenly in the washing machine drum.

Another thing you should look at if your Samsung washing machine keeps adding time is a defective control board. If your washing machine’s control board is damaged, it could keep giving you false time readings.

It is advised that you call repair man to help you replace this part. However, if you are confident in your repair skills, refer to the video below to learn how to replace this part…

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