Candy Washing Machine Not Spinning/Spinning [Issues & Solutions]

Is your Candy washing machine not spinning? If so, this guide will explain the causes…

Candy Washing Machine Not Spinning Or Draining — Solved

If your Candy washing machine isn’t spinning or draining, it indicates that something has gone wrong with the drainage system. Most times, this is a result of clogged drain filter or a damaged drain pump. To learn how to fix this issue, read this article.

Candy Washing Machine Spinning Slowly — Quick Fix

If your Candy washing machine is spinning slowly, it is probably as a result of an overloaded tub. Try reducing the quantity of clothes in the drum and run the cycle. If the issue still isn’t fixed, you’ll probably need to replace the drive belt. To learn how to do this, read this article.

Candy Washing Machine Does Not Spin — Causes

Here are some things you should check if your Candy washing machine does not spin…

1. Drum Bearing Is Worn Out

The drum bearing is mounted at the back of your washer’s tub. It ensures that the washing machine spins smoothly and steadily. If this part gets damaged, your washing machine’s drum may not spin at all. To learn how to replace this part, read this article.

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2. Water Stuck In Washing Machine

Most washing machine’s won’t begin a spin cycle unless all the water has been drained out first. If your washing machine isn’t draining, read this guide.

3. Drive Belt Is Broken

When rotated by the motor, the drive belt turns the pulley at the back of the drum. If this belt gets broken, your washing machine won’t spin at all.

4. Faulty Motor

In some cases, a failed motor could be the reason why your washing machine isn’t spinning. To learn how to replace this part, click here.

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