How To Install A Bosch Washing Machine [Detailed Guide]

The guide below gives you steps on how to install a Bosch washing machine…

How To Install A Bosch Washing Machine — Solved

Here’s how to install a Bosch washing machine…

Step 1. Take your washing machine out of its packaging.

Step 2. Open the door of the washer and take the manuals and provided attachments out of the machine.

Step 3. Go to the back of the machine and release the drain hose and power cord from the retainers.

Step 4. Using a 13mm socket wrench, loosen the four transit bolts at the back of the machine. Pull the four plastic pieces out of the machine and set them aside.

Step 5. Snap the provided plastic pieces into the transit bolt holes at the back of the machine.

Step 6. Snap the drain hose into the provided U clip. Insert the drain hose into your home drain.

Step 7. Connect the provided water inlet hoses to the ports at the back of your machine (ensure that you secure the hoses properly in order to prevent water leaks.

Step 8. Connect the other end of the hoses to the water supply faucets. Fully open the supply faucet and inspect the hose for leakage.

Step 9. Plug the machine’s power cord into the electrical outlet. Carefully move the washing machine into place.

Step 10. Place a spirit level tool on the machine to ensure that it is level. If the legs aren’t balanced, tip the machine backwards carefully and adjust the legs as needed using a spanner.

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Step 11. Turn the machine on and set it to a normal wash cycle with the highest water temperature (this will help clean out the drum).

Step 12. Inspect the drain hose for leakage and ensure that the machine is draining water properly.

Step 13. Once the cleaning cycle is completed, you can load the clothes into your new washer and start washing.

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How To Install Transit Bolts In Bosch Washing Machine — Quick Fix

To install the transit bolts in your Bosch washing machine, here are the steps you’ll need to take…

Step 1. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, pry out the four plastic tabs in the transit holes at the back of the machine.

Step 2. Put the transit pieces into the holes and put the bolts on. Apply the bolts using a 13 mm socket wrench.