Samsung Washing Machine Buttons Not Working [Problems & Quick Solutions]

Are your Samsung washing machine buttons not working? if so, this guide is for you. in this article, we’ll be listing common causes of this problem and how to fix it.

samsung washing machine buttons not working
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Samsung Washing Machine Buttons Not Working

If your Samsung washing machine buttons are not working, the following are most likely the problem:

1. Machine Isn’t On

Before jumping to any conclusions, remember to check if the washing machine has been turned on. If the buttons still don’t respond, unplug the machine for about 5 minutes and then plug it back.

2. Moisture In The Control Panel

If water gets into the control panel, it could cause glitches and errors. Give the machine a few hours to dry off before trying to turn it on.

3. Child Lock Activated

If Child Lock is activated, many buttons won’t respond. This is to keep kids from tampering with the machine’s settings.

To deactivate this, simply press and hold the Spin and Soil Level buttons at the same time until the Child Lock icon disappears. You will still have to wait a few minutes before you can open the door.

Note: Please keep in mind that various Samsung washers have different methods of deactivating Child Lock. If the method above didn’t work for you, please consult your owner’s manual to learn the proper controls.

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