Electrolux Washing Machine Not Filling With Water [How To Fix]

Is your Electrolux washing machine not filling with water? This quick guide lists the causes of this issue and gives you easy-to-follow steps on what to do…

Electrolux Washing Machine Not Filling With Water — Solution

Is your Electrolux washing machine not filling with water? Here are the problems you should look for…

1. Water Supply Tap Isn’t Open

If your Electrolux washing machine isn’t filling with water, the first thing you should do is check to ensure that the water supply tap is fully opened.

2. Water Inlet Filters Are Blocked

There are two mesh filters inside the inlet ports at the back of your machine over time, dirt from your home water supply can end up clogging the filters. To learn how to clean the water inlet filters in your Electrolux washing machine, read this article.

3. Failed Water Inlet Valve

Another common thing that will prevent your machine from filling is a damaged inlet valve. The water inlet valve controls the water flow into the machine. If the valve is stuck, the water will not flow. Click here to learn how to replace the water inlet valve in your Electrolux washing machine.

4. Damaged Main Control Board

The final thing you should check if your Electrolux washing machine isn’t filling is the main control board. Here are the to take in order to replace your washing machine’s main control board…

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Step 1. In order to prevent electrocution, make sure your washing machine’s power cord is unplugged from the electrical outlet before starting this repair.

Step 2. Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the nuts at the back of the machine holding the top panel. Pull the panel backwards about an inch or so, then lift it off the cabinet.

Step 3. The main control board will be mounted on the cabinet. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the cap off the control board.

Step 4. Unplug the wire connectors attached to the control board (make sure to note where each plug goes).

Step 5. Using your Philips screwdriver, remove the screws holding the control board to the cabinet. Take the board off the cabinet and set it aside.

Step 6. Prepare your new washing machine control board for installation by removing it from its packaging.

Step 7. Mount the new main control board on the cabinet, then apply the screws to secure it. Plug each wire harness into its appropriate terminal on the new control board.

Step 8. Snap the cap onto the new control board. Place the top panel on the cabinet, then use your screwdriver to apply the nuts at the back.

Step 9. Plug your washing machine back into the electrical outlet, then ensure that the problem has been fixed by running a wash cycle.

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