How To Replace Belt On Admiral Washing Machine [Detailed Guide]

This quick guide gives you easy-to-follow steps on how to replace the belt on your Admiral washing machine…

How To Replace Belt On Admiral Washing Machine — Solved

To replace the belt in your Admiral washing machine, here’s what you’ll need to do…

Step 1. Prevent electrocution and water leakage by unplugging your washing machine’s power cord from the outlet and turning the water valve off before starting this repair.

Step 2. Unscrew the two water inlet hoses from the ports at the back of your washing machine with a pair of pliers (some water will spill, so make sure to keep a rag nearby).

Step 3. Pull your washing machine’s drain hose out of the home drain. Secure the lid of your washing machine by putting some tape over it.

Step 4. Carefully tilt your washing machine forwards and lay it on the floor. Using a 5/16 inch nut-driver, loosen the two bolts holding the drive belt cover to the bottom of the machine. Pull the cover off the machine and set it aside.

Step 5. Slowly rotate the drive pulley and take the drive belt off. Remove your new washing machine drive belt from its packaging.

Step 6. Loop the new drive belt around the motor pulley and drive pulley (make sure the grooved side of the belt faces downwards).

Step 7. Put the drive belt cover onto the machine and use your nut-driver to apply the two bolts. Lift your washing machine upright carefully and peel the tape off the lid.

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Step 8. Insert the drain hose back into the home drain. Connect the two water supply lines to the ports at the back of your washing machine (prevent water leakage by securing the hoses properly).

Step 9. Turn your washing machine’s water supply valve back on and plug the power cord into the outlet. Make sure everything works properly by running a cycle.

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