How To Replace Frigidaire Washing Machine Bellows [Easy Fix]

This quick guide will give you easy-to-follow steps on how to replace Frigidaire washing machine bellows…

How To Replace Frigidaire Washing Machine Machine Bellows

Here’s what you’ll need to do to replace the door boot seal of your Frigidaire washing machine…

Step 1. Make sure to turn off your washing machine’s water supply and unplug the power cord before attempting any repairs in order to prevent electrocution and water leakage.

Step 2. Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to pull off the retaining clamp around the door bellows. Pull the door seal away from the edge of the door opening and fold it into the washing machine.

Step 3. Use a pair of pliers to release the clamp holding the bellows to the water inlet port inside the washer. Disconnect the bellows from the port.

Step 4. Push the tub backwards a bit and use a block of wood to support it. Push down on the door bellows, then pull forward to release the inner retaining band. Pull the door bellows out of your washing machine.

Step 5. Take your new door bellows out of its packaging. Apply some liquid dish soap to the inner grooves of the new door bellows. Fit the new door bellows around the edge of the outer tub (this requires a bit of patience).

Step 6. Fit the inner retaining band into the grooves on the seal to secure it to the outer tub. Pull the wood block out from inside the washing machine. Connect the bellows to the water inlet port and secure the connection with the retaining clamp.

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Step 7. Fit the new door bellows around the door opening. Fit the retaining band back around the door opening (you may need a flat-blade screwdriver to do this).

Step 8. Close the door of your washing machine. Plug your washing machine back to its power source and turn on the water supply.

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